What is M-in-S

(updated 26 March 2017)

M-in-S's goals are

Promote artisans, entrepreneurs, self-employed, startups based in Switzerland and their craft or industrial products, products and / or assembled in Switzerland.

Boost innovation and creativity in the Swiss economy.

Enhance the work of Swiss craftspersons, companies and startups who invest in Switzerland in the eyes of Swiss consumers (and abroad afterwards).

Encourage companies and entrepreneurs to keep and invest in the secondary sector in Switzerland.

Gather people / companies who are looking for a common platform for partnerships, ecological, personal or other reasons, with companies / craftsmen / producers who produce near them.


M-in-S is not a new label such as #Swissness or "Label Suisse". Our aim is to promote products manufactured in Switzerland by companies that invest in Switzerland.

Developing / Designing the product in Switzerland only, does not constitute "Made in Switzerland" in the sense of M-in-S . This will also promote the industrialization of Switzerland and promote jobs in Switzerland.